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We teamed up with multi platinum artist Lil Xan to present to you the Lil Xan Xanimals Joint. We worked personally with Lil Xan to create the most premium joint on the market. From the packaging to the quality of product inside of our joints. We made sure to create the most prestige CBD/CBG joint in all of the market. Many people are calling the Lil Xan Xanimals Joint the “CBD/CBG Jeters.” Come try it yourself.gassy edible

Our Lil Xan Xanimals Joint contains some of the highest quality hand rolled and packed cannabis. Our Lil Xan Xanimals Joint contains the Xanimals Kush which we worked hard in developing for this drop. With (gassy edible)our Xanimals CBG Kush, we added our premium Gassy CBG Distillate inside of the joint as well. This allows for a longer and higher quality smoke. On the outside we made our keef out of the Xanimals CBG Kush. This is one of our highest quality products and you will fall in love!


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